Anushruti Singh
Women in STEM

Women in STEM fields: An Indian perspective

Many scholars and policymakers have noted that the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have remained predominantly male with historically low participation among women since their origins during the Age of Enlightenment....

What Indian MSMEs want to see in the upcoming budget, a wish-list

As always, the sector has many expectations from the fast-approaching interim budget and we interacted with both MSME associations and entrepreneurs to bring you a wish-list that cuts across verticals and industries.

MSME expectations from upcoming budget
real estate initiatives and outlook

Indian real estate: A story of resilience and resurrection

The real-estate sector in India, which was virtually written off by both investors and consumers only three years ago, is not only limping back to normalcy but is showing all signs of returning with a bang.

Agricultural drones, or agri-drones have arrived in India and their usage needs to be encouraged.

Agricultural drones: The shape of Indian agriculture to come

In our agrarian economy, drone technology certainly deserves policy-pushes by the government along with awareness drives and R&D by start-ups to make even small-scale farmers understand its benefits.

Joint Ventures and foreign collaborations- need of the hour for SMEs

Small businesses today understand the advantage of joint ventures and is leveraging it with the help of government initiatives. JVs are the best way to invest for better technology advancement and growing their footprints in foreign market....


#MeToo is changing the workplace culture in business

Despite widespread acceptance of the movement, women workers do not have it easy. It is to be seen if the change is strong enough to bring long-term measures in every workplace