Vivek Kumar

has more than 30 years experience in all facets of HR with top public and private sector companies in varied industries in strategic roles. He is currently working as the global chief human resources officer at Suzlon Group. With over 10 years of experience in manufacturing industry and 10 years in service industry, Vivek contributed extensively in leadership and capability development at all levels. Vivek has also been a part of managing all aspects of HR for large workforce in US and Canada. Employee engagement and retention, employer branding, strategic HR, large-scale talent acquisition and diversity initiatives are some of his expertise areas.


Organisation Design – Is it good to be Flat?

Organisation structures cannot be kept static. They need to be reviewed periodically, in view of business growth, diversification, introduction of new specializations, market changes and customer expectations. Appropriate adjustments in organisation design in line with internal and external environment changes, leads to visibly positive business outcomes....

Is HR an investment or a cost?

The answer to that defines the core structure of an SME. Those organisations who tend to believe that their product, technology, capital and marketing strategy can take them to the next level, without much focus on people, realise it to be a big mistake...

Is HR an investment or a cost? - SME Futures