Auto dealership growth is decelerating, but upheaval is next

Automotive dealerships are facing a ‘low growth, low profit’ scenario for the past one year and it is diluting their present and future market potential. But despite the many uncertainties, auto-dealers are surviving while trying to maintain a steady growth.    ...

How wellness SMEs are making India healthier

The once-known simple grooming destinations, gyms, salons and spas have transformed drastically these days, and have converted into a big multi-billion wellness industry in India, from their nascent unstructured beginning in the early 1990s to a comprehensive ecosystem today.  ...


Ayushman Bharat: transforming healthcare into an industry?

With the pivotal technology driven partnership between government and healthcare providers, the scheme is going to create a paradigm shift in Indian healthcare scenario, though SMEs are bound to face some of the challenges on the road....

MSME expectations from upcoming budget

What Indian MSMEs want to see in the upcoming budget, a wish-list

As always, the sector has many expectations from the fast-approaching interim budget and we interacted with both MSME associations and entrepreneurs to bring you a wish-list that cuts across verticals and industries.

Joint Ventures and foreign collaborations- need of the hour for SMEs

Small businesses today understand the advantage of joint ventures and is leveraging it with the help of government initiatives. JVs are the best way to invest for better technology advancement and growing their footprints in foreign market....


Mobile start-ups are an invigorating challenge

Although India has a strong mobile phone penetration and an increasingly cheaper access to internet, these do not automatically validate success stories. Sustaining a venture takes a lot of effort and an entrepreneur should be supported in every possible way....