MSME sector in agri business needs an extensive infrastructure

As per news reports, an official of MSME Development Institute quoted, “the MSME sector in agri business needs extensive storage facilities, technological assistance and logistic support with good e-commerce site for proper marketing and reach to customers.”

At an event organised by the Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ajoy Bandopadhyaya, the Director of the MSME development institute stated, “The eastern part of the country is resource- rich and its potential is under utilised.”

The official also said that, West Bengal has a lot of agricultural based industries and large parts of the agro-products get produced here, though the resources are still wasted due to insufficient distribution, lack of cold storage and marketing facilities.

Bandopadhyaya further quoted, “Also another target for this year is to look to the North Eastern region. All products in North East are produced organically. Therefore, the MSMEs has to be guided on procuring, packing and exporting.”

Bandopadhyaya also stressed on MSME development for the Andaman and Nicobar islands, he said that there is potential ground for development as there are many coconut grooves on the islands.

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