Pratap Sarangi: Vision document soon for rural employment generation

According to news reports, Pratap Sarangi, Union minister of state for MSME, animal husbandry, dairying and fisheries, made a statement that a vision document will be prepared soon for mass employment generation by tapping the potentials available in rural areas.

The minister also said in a press briefing that, “we have abundant opportunities for job creation. A casual approach and lack of proper motivation and training for rural manpower failed to yield tangible result.”

The minister further added, that animal husbandry and fish farming, both inland and marine, can be taken up in a big way as Odisha has a long coastal line. He also said that there is ample scope for employment generation in villages by tapping local resources in different sectors of the country.

It is reported that the minister is likely to engage rural youth and women in these activities by providing them with professional training.  He quoted, “we have to coordinate a number of activities properly and sincerely. Accountability has to fixed and timely review is necessary to ensure proper implementation.”

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