WhatsApp to train SMEs in India on WhatsApp business application

The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) broadcasted that it would work with WhatsApp to educate the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) on how WhatsApp Business application can help them grow their businesses.

As per news reports, the Facebook-owned WhatsApp and the CII will work to enhance business communication for the Indian SMEs through CII’s SME Technology Facilitation Centre.

The SME Technology Facilitation Centre was set up in 2016 with the objective of creating awareness amongst SMEs on technological solutions that can be adopted to enhance their overall competitiveness.

Neerja Bhattia the executive director of CII said, “the centre provides an opportunity to its technology partners to expand their market and reach out to SMEs spread throughout the country with their product and services.”

On-ground trainings for SMEs on the features and best practices of WhatsApp Business application are in line. The business owners will have the opportunity to attend training webinars that will help them grow and expand their business.

Launched in the month of January, the WhatsApp Business application helps SMEs enhance their reach with specific tools to make communicating with customers more well-organized.

According to data, more than three million people are already using the WhatsApp Business application worldwide.

Ben Supple, the public policy manager of WhatsApp said, “small businesses need to meet their customers where they are, and in India, that’s on WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Business application, small businesses can easily and efficiently connect with their customers.”

WhatsApp and CII will also develop informative content which will be distributed among entrepreneurs both in physical and digital

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